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Low Temperature Electrolyte

Our low temperature electrolyte technology is just one example of how we are pushing the boundaries of what is possible, and we are always looking to improve. Our batteries are designed to be energy-efficient, sustainable and reliable, making them perfect for a range of applications. Trust Wh Power for all your battery needs.


Effectively reduce Lithium ion solvation energy, forming anion-derived LiF-rich SEI due to high AGG and CIP


Low freezing temperature and high anodic stability of the electrolytes


Less sacrificing Li-ion conductivity by using anions with a high donor number


Forming LiF-rich SEI & CEI to maintain a similar N/P ratio at various temperatures & similar overpotential at various rates

Combat Extreme Low Temperature 

Enable Battery Function "Normal"
at Extra Wide Range -60°C~60°C

Low-temperature environments can be a real challenge for battery technology, but that’s where we excel. At WH-Power, we understand the importance of having reliable power in all conditions. That’s why we’ve created an innovative electrolyte solution that is designed to work even in the harshest environments. With our technology, you can rely on your batteries to keep working no matter what the temperature.

low temperature electrolyte conducitivity comparison with conventional LiPF6 in EC/DEC electrolyte in various temperatures.
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