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Wh-Power pioneers innovation, development, and commercialization of cutting-edge battery technologies. The company serves as a springboard for emerging battery breakthroughs, propelling energy storage to new horizons

Better Batteries Made Possible

Wh-Power, representing Watt Hour and Power, delivers energy (Wh) and power together through building better batteries.

Cellulose solid state electrolyte

Sustainable Batteries

The Ultimate Sustainability

Revolutionary cellulose battery technologies are designed for ultimate sustainability, providing reliability and high performance to meet application needs.

low temperature electrolyte

Low-Temp Electrolyte

Combat the Extreme

Innovative electrolyte that can be used in extreme low temperatures to create batteries that are more durable and reliable than ever before.

high power batteries for grid storage

High Power Batteries

Reliable Storage Beyond Limit

High performance zinc-cellulose based batteries provide an affordable and sustainable solution to support the world's growing energy storage needs.

Press Release


U.S Department of Eenergy announces $9 million to Transformative Energy Projects Across Nation. Wh-Power "Low Cost All Temperature Zn Battery" obtained a $500K grant from ARPA-E.

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